This is “Tigger” Roar Roar!

By on October 9th, 2010.
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Nanny and Grandads Rescue cat Now Almost with Whiskers!


3 Responses to “This is “Tigger” Roar Roar!”

  1. I’m told if I am a very good girl I may be able to have a cat of my very own!

    Daddy wants 2 cats again though. So mummy will have to share his!!!

  2. Hi Ellie, Tigger sends his love, and wants to tell you his wiskers are growing fast, and he wants to know what name you have thought up for your cat when Daddy gets you one.xxxx

  3. Tigger is getting more brave every day. He chased a squirrel and went into the next door garden today. The squirrel ran up onto the roof and sat there teasing Tigger.
    Grandad made Tigger come indoors, much to Tiggers disgust. xx

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