Frogspawn in my Sandpit

By on March 24th, 2011.
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My sandpit is full of water and this is what I have found living in it this week.


Daddy might move it to somewhere safer so I can watch them grow.



28th March


Some still in the Sandpit


3 Responses to “Frogspawn in my Sandpit”

  1. Great frog spawn! we love tadpoles & frogs.
    we look forward to more pics, as they grow.
    Kev & Wendy

  2. We now have some in a fish tank! not sure if the ones in the sandpit will survive although there are quite a few so quite hopefull.

  3. WOW Ellie – there are so many! How exciting for you, do you think they’ll all turn in to frogs? x

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